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Malachite Stone Meaning

The Malachite stone has a glassy to satin sheen, is translucent and is black green to yellow green in color. The stone has a striking green striped pattern. The green color is said to be due to the high amount of copper in the mineral.

There are many intergrowths of this stone with other stones, such as Turquoise, Chrysocolla and Azurite. This gives beautiful combinations of colors and patterns. The striped green stoneā€™s color can be influenced by blue Azurite. This occurs if there is water present during formation. When this happens the stone is called Azurite malachite. The beautiful green color of the gemstone is said to be caused by enclosed copper and water. If it forms without water, you are left with blue Azurite. If you add water to the blue Azurite, it will turn into a green Malachite.

The name probably comes from Greek Malachite meaning, deep green stone (malach – deep green and litho – stone). It can also come from malakos (also Greek) which means soft and mushy. This would refer to the high copper content in the crystal, which gives the mineral its softness and green color.

Malachite Stone Effect

The green gemstone could have an effect on the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which could stimulate concentration, insight, and analytical skills. Are numbers not your thing? Or do you have dyslexia? You could try wearing a Malachite Ring or a Malachite Necklace to see what it could do for you.

In addition, the green stone could support you in clearing your chakras and help you tune in to your inner wisdom. It could make you righteous, sensible, inquisitive, and curious.

Malachite Crystal Physical Effects

In addition, the crystal could work at:

  • Reducing prostate symptoms and menstrual pain.
  • The malachite could have a positive effect on the genitals.
  • Promoting the condition of your heart and circulation.
  • Soothing inflammation.
  • Because the gemstone contains a lot of copper, it could have a strong antibacterial effect.
  • Helping detoxify the liver.

Malachite Crystal Meaning on the Spiritual Level

You could use the Azurite Malachite effect for all chakras. The stone could help you break through entrenched patterns and ways of thinking. The mineral could help you absorb negative emotions and help to clear blockages. For that you could place a Malachite stone on your heart and solar plexus.

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