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Opal Gemstone

The gemstone opal is a mineral (quartz) that is common and of which different types exist. The opal could exhibit a variegated color palette such as white, gray, milky blue, yellow, red, green, brown and black. Opals can also be colorless, translucent or opaque. The mineral is common, but only a small amount is of gem quality. The stone could arise as a filling in rocks, but also forms during the formation of fossils!

Opal Meaning

As raw gems, opal comes mainly from Australia and has even been designated a national stone there. However, opal has been loved as a gemstone since ancient times. The Assyrians, Babylonians and Romans already used this stone. In the past it was thought to bring bad luck, especially if it was not properly cleansed. The Opal most likely owes its name to the word opalus, taken from ├║pala in Sanskrit. This word was used to denote “colored gems” meaning opal owes its name to its unusual sparkling colors.

Opal Effect

In general, the mineral could have a protective, activating and absorbing effect. The Opal stone could give you self-confidence and zest for life and could promote cheerfulness and passion. Emotionally, he could offer solace in sad events, such as the loss of a loved one or pet. Opal crystals could transform these feelings into acceptance and tranquility.

The Opal could also have a stabilizing effect in mood swings during menstruation or menopause. It could also make you energetic and creative, broaden your insight and strengthen your senses.

Opal on a physical level may:

  • have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, bones and nails.
  • have a strengthening effect on the immune system.
  • help to reduce symptoms of colds, bronchitis and asthma more quickly.
  • be good for the heart, blood pressure, blood cell formation and could be used in anemia.

On a spiritual level, the Opal, rough or polished, could help you to remove energetic blockages. It could be used in meditations to take intuition and spirituality to a higher level. Opal quartz (opalite) helps to remove energetic blockages. It is used in meditations to take intuition and spirituality to a higher level.

We can distinguish a number of varieties of opal:

Noble Opal

The precious Opals are the favorite of all types of opal, because of their colorful appearance. The variegated play of colors in this Opal variety is also known as opalescence. These precious stones combine well with other gemstones.

Girasol Opal

The Girasol (colorless or white) could be a beneficial stone for promoting inner peace and reducing tension, fears and worries. It could help you break through fears and give you insight into your subconscious.

Fire Opal

The Fire Opal could be used for sexual problems, such as impotence or a low libido. This stone could have a dynamic and vitalizing effect and could be used in case of fatigue or exhaustion, because it could make the transition between action and relaxation easier.

Water Opal

Water Opal (hyalite) could give inner peace and could be a suitable stone for meditation. It could give you insight and remove inhibitions, obstacles and fears from the subconscious and bring them to the surface so that you can heal.

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