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Emerald stone is a light to deep green variant of Beryl or Beril. The mineral owes its special color to the presence of chromium or vanadium. Emerald gemstones usually have inclusions, but there are also rare transparent variants. Therefore, the clearer the crystal, the more precious it is. Emerald is found in both North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Emerald Effect According to Gemstone Specialists

According to gemstone lovers, Emerald has a clarifying and restorative effect on body, mind and emotions. The green jewel is therefore used by gem enthusiasts to improve the functioning of:

  • senses
  • nervous system
  • oxygen uptake in the bloodstream
  • self-esteem, self-discipline and personal insight

Meaning Emerald According to Chakra Connoisseurs

Each Chakra Has A Color and yogis associate the Emerald color with the heart area or fourth chakra. The green Emerald would therefore inspire self-acceptance, compassion and an open attitude towards other people. A contented heart chakra, according to yogis, results in the ability to form equal friendships or strong partnerships.

Emerald Meaning for Zodiac Signs

The Emerald is known as the birthstone of the month of May. That’s why he belongs not only to the sensual zodiac sign Taurus, but also to the studious zodiac sign Gemini when they celebrate their birthday in this month. The ancient Romans also associated the green emerald with the fertility goddess Venus and her planet. According to western astrologers, this celestial body rules not only Taurus, but also the constellation Libra. The considerate Libra would therefore also become radiant from such a beautiful Emerald crystal!

The Symbolic Power of Emerald Jewelry

Emerald jewelry is precious and is therefore often given on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and on special birthdays.

  • Ring Emerald
  • Earrings Emerald
  • Emerald Pendant
  • Emerald Bracelet

Emerald Ring

An Emerald Ring symbolizes loyalty, loving connection, and optimism for the future. The jewel therefore fits well with celebrating an engagement, choice to live together, or other form of partnership. The fifty-fifth wedding year is also known as the emerald wedding and it is customary to give each other a ring with the green crystal as a gift.

Emerald Studs and Emerald Earrings

Emerald Earrings are not only subtle jewelry, they also refer to the symbolic meaning of Emerald as a stone that enhances the senses. If you wear the green crystal in your ear, you would learn to listen better to yourself and your environment, according to enthusiasts.

Emerald Necklaces and Pendants

Emerald necklaces and pendants are worn on the heart and, according to crystal experts, radiate self-esteem and reliability.

Emerald Bracelets

Emerald Bracelets connect the symbolic power of Emerald with the hands, which according to gemstone fans inspires creativity and the use of one’s own power and strength to get something done.

Buy Emeralds and More Green Stones at Spiru

Besides the sparkling Emerald, you can shop at Spiru many more inspiring green stones such as the precious Moldavite, Malachite, and Jade. Or select the shimmering Green Aventurine, layered Green Agate, or crystal clear Green Quartz for your gem collection. Whatever mineral you are looking for, you can buy crystals at Spiru!