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Dalmatian Jasper Meaning

The Gemstone Dalmatian Jasper is a stone that is said to have a grounding effect and that helps you to keep calm. This playful gemstone gives you a boost on your life journey. The dalmatian jasper stone contains Tourmaline, which is known for cleansing negative energy. Like all types of Jasper, dalmatian stones are an impure quartz variant and can show various stripe-like patterns and colors, such as the dalmatian jasper, heliotrope, silver leaf jasper , rainbow jasper and red jasper.

The crystal can be found in India, Australia, Brazil, Russia, United States, Madagascar, and South Africa.

Dalmatian Jasper Properties for Spirituality

The Dalmatian Jasper crystal is said to help with negative radiation and energy. The stone would balance you and cause negativity to be cleared from your system. It would also prevent negative thoughts and slow the turmoil in your head, so that you can relax. The Dalmatian Jasper is said to help ground you, make you stronger and give you more energy. It would let you connect with your base and give you insight into what really matters to you. Besides wearing and working with this crystal there are also other possibilities to Cleanse Yourself from Negative Energy.

The jasper dalmatian is a stone that may reduce feelings of depression and may help with fears and nightmares. It would help you take on conflict, make you feel determined, and help you put your 100% effort into something. The jasper dalmatian meaning also includes sincerity, honesty, and is said to provide a balance in body, soul, and spirit.

Physical Effects of the Gemstone

Physically, the stone could help you with:

  • stomach pain and nausea. The crystal could also reduce morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • strengthening reflexes. The crystal is said to have a positive effect on the nerves.
  • allergic reactions. Carrying a gemstone dalmatian jasper with you could reduce allergic reactions.
  • a positive influence on the blood circulation, digestion, intestines and genitals.

Dalmatian crystals would ground powerfully. It would make sure that we finally let go of old patterns from past lives. The many speckles on the stone say it already; this stone stands for creativity, indicates that you can trust your feelings and intuition, and would make you happy. The stone gently pushes its wearer towards the soul’s path.

The advice is to Cleanse and discharge the Dalmatian Jasper under running water once a month. Six hours is recommended for Charging in combination with a Rock Crystal.

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