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Eva Tulner
By Eva Tulner 19 April 2021
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How to use ear candles? Are you familiar with the idea of using an ear candle? It is believed that, with an ear candle, you can clean the inside of your ears in a natural way. Are you curious as to how this works? You can read all about it in this blog!

Ear Candle

Candle in Ear

A candle in your ear…that sounds weird. However, the results are everything but weird! Using an ear candle originates from the Hopi Native Americans. They used reed stems with pure beeswax to clean their ears; they would light the stems and put them in their ears. These days, ear candles are made of a cotton cloth wrapped in beeswax. The candle may contain various herbs that are believed to have a medicinal effect. You won’t have to worry about any ear candle wax in your ear, because that will not happen. A line on the ear candle indicates the limit to where you can burn the candle. The part that is burned will not fall off, it will only bend.

Ear Candle

How does an Ear Candle work?

An ear candle targets, via the ear canal, acupuncture points that lie deeper in the ear. A lit ear candle gives off heat, which is believed to stimulate circulation of blood in the ear. Furthermore, the ear candle works on and in cavities and is believed to stimulate the blood flow in your lymph system, throat and nose. Thus, it is believed that ear candles may help relieve symptoms of:

  • A common cold
  • Earache
  • Sore throat
  • Inflammation in the nose
  • Headache
  • Inflammations in the sinuses
  • a lot of earwax

Thus, to answer the question ‘what does an ear candle do exactly?’, you could say that it is believed that an ear candle may help reduce pain in and complaints in relation to the throat, nose and ear area.  

Ear Candling Treatment

Right, you want to try an ear candling treatment. What is the best way to use an ear candle? We will explain to you, step by step, the necessities and the treatment. 

Ear Candle

What do you Need?

Preparation is a very important step, if you ask us. You should make sure that you have everything you need at hand before you start the treatment. You need:

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How does the Treatment work?

Giving yourself an ear candling treatment is not a good idea. Ask someone if they can assist you during the treatment. Furthermore, it is very important that the treatment takes place in a safe environment. Lie down on a comfortable couch or table, with one side of your face on a cushion for comfort.

  • Put a damp towel around your ear in order to protect your face and hair against sparks.
  • Remove the ear candles from the packaging and place them deep in your ear. Make sure the ear candle is held at all times to make sure that the ear candle is correctly positioned in your ear. The ear candle is correctly positioned when your ear canal is completely closed off.
  • Carefully consult with the person who is helping you if the candle is correctly positioned in your ear. In most cases, the candle can be placed even deeper in the ear.
  • Light the candle and let it burn out completely. You will hear a crackling sound. This is normal. The sound could even be considered calming.

Ear Candle

Once the candle is half burned out, it will flip over and create counterpressure. It is believed that this will improve your hearing and make your eardrums smoother. As a result of this treatment, it is said that the air pressure in your ear will improve and that the blood supply will strengthen, as will your immune system. An ear candle is thus believed to have several benefits! Leave the candle to burn until the line on the candle has been reached before you carefully remove the candle from your ear. Put out the candle in a glass of water and rest for 15 minutes. For the best results you apply this treatment to both ears.

After the Treatment

And now the main question arises: what has come out of my ear? If you cut open the ear candle, you will see some sort of grainy substance. This is dried beeswax from the candle, mixed with some excess earwax from your ear. Nice…

For the first 24 hours after the ear candle treatment, you should not use cotton swabs or anything else to remove the remaining earwax from your ear, because it will come out of your ear without your help eventually.

Better than using Cotton Swabs

As stated before, you may find some earwax inside the ear candle. When you have a lot of earwax in your ear, this treatment is believed to be perfect for you. It is said that an ear candle treatment works better than cotton swabs; by using cotton swabs, you will push the earwax deeper into your ear. Furthermore, earwax has an important function in your ear, since it will protect you against viruses, bacteria, water and dust. Thus, earwax is actually not even meant to be removed from your ear! An ear candle only cleans the excess earwax from your ear.

Here are some tips to make your ear candle treatment into a success:

  • Clean your ears with an ear candle once every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Do not use an ear candle when you have an ear infection.
  • In case you have allergies, you should consult your doctor before using an ear candle. 

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