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Eye of Horus: All Seeing Eye of Protection and Divine Power

By Maggie 23 November 2022
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The All Seeing Eye is a watchful talisman that shows evil the door and invokes divine help. You can read all about this spiritual sign!

gold eye of Horus amulet with hieroglyphics

The All-Seeing Eye is an ancient sign that appears in various cultures and traditions, such as those of Ancient Egypt, Christianity, and Freemasonry. For many people, the All-Seeing Eye has meaning as an amulet that watches over people or symbolizes truth and justice. Here you can read more about the different uses of this special talisman!

All-Seeing Eye Egypt : They Eye of Horus

The most famous or oldest version of the All-Seeing Eye is the Egyptian Eye or Wedjat. This sign looks like the left eye of the god Horus (although also often in reverse) and also exists as a hieroglyph. Another name for this symbol is the Eye of Ra, who was the Egyptian sun god. Ra’s female counterpart, Hathor, acted as the Eye of Ra keeping watch and vengefully protecting him from his enemies.

gold eye of horus amulet

Meaning Eye of Horus

What is the Eye of Horus? The ancient Egyptians saw the sun and moon as the eyes of the gods. Thus the moon would be the left eye of Horus and the sun the right. According to Egyptian mythology, the sky god Horus lost his left eye in a battle with his rival Seth, god of chaos and violence. With the help of other gods, his eye was recovered and restored, after which it received healing powers. Horus then gave it to his father Osiris in the underworld, who used it as an elixir of life. The appearance and disappearance of the moon during its cycle – the phases of the moon – would therefore symbolize the loss and recovery of the eye and the magical power of injuries.

Eye of Horus day night moon sun gold amulet

The Eye of Ra Meaning

The Eye of Ra refers to a feminine expression of the sun god Ra, Hathor the goddess representing solar power. In Egyptian mythology there are several deities who meddle with this radiant celestial body, including other goddesses like Sekhmet, Bastet, and Mut. The Eye of Ra symbolizes their (often violent) ways of protecting the sun god from harm. So while the Eye of Horus stands for recovery from violence, the Eye of Ra shows the other side of the coin: using aggression to deter attackers. This symbol was therefore often used as an amulet for kings and pharaohs, it would help them know which battles needed to be won.

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silver eye of ra amulet hieroglyphics

Eye of Horus Meaning Spirituality

In ancient Egyptian times, the Eye of Horus had significance in various rituals. For example, it was a sacrifice to Osiris, the god of the underworld. At funerals, the deceased received a talisman that would protect them on their journey to the realm of the dead. These amulets were often inlaid with Lapis Lazuli or other precious materials. The All-Seeing Eye would also promote well-being by chasing away diseases and was therefore valuable during medical procedures or childbirth. Wedjats were also incorporated into buildings, works of art, and on boats to provide users with safety and the energy to do their job. Just like the Ankh, an Egyptian Eye was therefore a representation of invisible life force, according to Egyptians the source of existence. And that is exactly what makes the All-Seeing Eye spiritual!

all seeing eye christian free mason pyramid silver rays

The All-Seeing Eye Christianity and Freemasonry

The All-Seeing Eye is also a concept in Christianity and Freemasonry. Here it is an eye in a pyramid emitting rays of light or power. In these traditions, it symbolizes the omniscience and mightiness of God. Many Christians draw strength from this sign, as it refers to spiritual justice and divine help. Several Christianity-based nations such as the USA, France, and Lithuania use the All-Seeing Eye on state documents, bills, or uniforms. According to Freemasonry, God is the Great Architect. The All-Seeing Eye would inspire its members to take responsibility for their development and increase their knowledge about life!

evil eye talisman keychain

Curious About Other Amulets?

Talismans appear in different traditions. In the Middle East, for example, the Hamsa Hand is popular. It’s a sign that protects against bad intentions, just like the clear Blue Nazar Evil Eye. Dreamcatchers play an important role in the indigenous cultures of North America, while in Northern Europe the Tree of Life is a common good luck charm. Finally, Wiccans prefer to use a Pentagram to protect themselves.

Which symbol makes you feel safe?

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