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Eye Pillow

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Buying an Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are elongated pouches of 22 cm, filled with linseed and lavender. They fit exactly over your eyes and eyebrows. Because the pillows are slightly weighted, they help your closed eyes to relax completely during a lying meditation, massage, healing or before bed. Besides, the aroma of lavender is said to be a natural tranquilliser. Thus, a lavender eye pillow invites you to relax like you never did before!

This what Eye Pillows are Made of

Most eye pillows are filled with linseed and lavender. The linseed adds weight to the pouch and ensures it shapes to the contours of your face. The biological cotton around the pouch ensures soft contact with the skin.

Why an Eye Pillow Contains Lavender Flower

It is believed that there are several eye pillow benefits. Lavender has been known as a calming flower for centuries. Especially in the case of mental issues, this purple wonder plant is often used. Lavender aromatherapy is believed to reduce feelings of trouble and soften tension in the head after a busy day. Additionally, to many people, the flower is connected to the sixth chakra or the third eye. It is believed that this energetic point between the eyebrows ensures insight, clear thoughts and dreams with meaning. 

The Usefulness of a Yoga Eye Pillow

In yoga classes, too, eye pillows are often used. During savasana, such an eye mask pillow comes in handy, for example, when all participants are lying still on their back. A meditation eye pillow is especially indispensable for classes where relaxation is the main goal, such as during yoga nidra and yin yoga. 

Tips for Using your Eye Pillow

Eye pillows can be heated or chilled, just like beanbags. Slightly heated linseed is believed to comfort tired eyes, while a colder pillow is said to be pleasant for heated heads. You can put the pouches in the microwave, but make sure they don’t get too hot. For a chilled effect you can put them in the refrigerator or in the freezer.