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Heart Shaped Gemstones

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Gemstone hearts are natural stones cut into heart shape. They combine the specific properties of the stone with the power of the universal love symbol. And that gives a positive effect. A gemstone heart can connect you with wishes or intentions. They also come from your heart!

Gemstone hearts are also a wonderful gift. Give them away to someone you love, appreciate or admire. This can be your partner, but also your friend or colleague. You can also literally give someone a heart under the belt. A stone heart is a small but powerful symbol!
Gemstones of love
Gemstone hearts are often made of crystals that have a special bond with heart energy. This may be because the stone stimulates feelings and sexuality such as rose quartz, aventurine, carnel, jasper or opalite. Also popular are crystals that can have a good effect on lungs and heart functions. These include calcite, lapis lazuli, Rose Quartz, tiger eye and zoisite. Angels are also seen as special heart energy. Therefore, many gemstone hearts are made of stones that help connect with higher frequencies and the crown chakra such as amethyst, aura quartz, berry crystal and selenite.
Care for gemstones hearts
Like all crystals, gemstone hearts are cared for by regularly cleaning and charging them. You can read more about that in our Basic tips for taking care of gems.
Species of heart-shaped stones
Spiru sells a wide range of high quality gemstone hearts. In our shop you will find authentic stones from all over the world. These stones are formed into hangers, hugging stones and Partner Hearts.

Because you wear hangers on your heart, they are of course perfect for connecting you with wishes and intentions. There are pendants with cord, but also without. For matching chains and cords, please contact our department JewelryHugging stones are great to hold on to at times when you can use some security. Or of course during a meditation aimed at your heart or the angels! If you would like to give away some love, a Partner Hart is a beautiful symbolic gift.