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Gemstone Angels

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Buying Gemstones Angels

Gemstone angels are polished stones in the shape of an angel. There are different types of figurines, angel pendants and angel stones available. That way you give away a little love. Or you carry protection with you!

A guardian angel of gemstone

Angels are special beings. They are connected to the higher. Some call it our True Self or God. Others know it as Source, Wisdom or Universal Energy. Angels would help people with their knowledge. They guide and protect. That is why angels are also a symbol of true love.

Angels have special powers. You can use an angel for meditation. Some people use them to dream better. Guardian angels give strength and comfort. That is why angels are often given with a condolence. They are then a point of light in dark times.

Skinds of angelic stone

There are a number of types of stone that belong to higher energy. Often precious stones are made into angels. These are not only clear or white crystals, but also light blue or violet stones. Angelic stones often have an oily sheen, just like a rainbow or mother of pearl. They seem to give light! That is of course no coincidence. Clear, white or violet stones belong to the upper chakras. Think of gems for your heart, third eye or crown. It allows you to connect to other worlds. These can be angels, but also guides or past lives. According to many people an angel stone strengthens your intuition and aura.

Famous types of angel stone are Selenite, Angelite, Celestien, Herkimer and Rhinestone. There are also a lot of variants of rock crystal like Lemuric Crystal, Golden Healer and Angel Aura or Aura Quartz. Stones such as Labradorite, Danburite and Larimar are also favorite species.

Gemstone angels at Spiru

Spiru has a wide range of crystal angels in the webshop. With us you will find figurines, angel hangers and guardian angels. We also have stones with symbols of the archangels on them. Are you perhaps looking for a statue of archangels or angels jewelry? Take a look at our offer at angling products.