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Unakite gemstone is a green and pink granite consisting of colorless Quartz, pink Feldspar and green Epidote. For this reason, Unakite crystal is also called Epidote Granite. The stone is also known as Pompton granite. Unakite is found in the US, Brazil, China, and South Africa, among other places, and is used as a spiritual crystal, ornamental stone, and building material.

Unakite Properties According to Gemstone Lovers

According to Gemstone Lovers, Unakite has an effect on physical and mental imbalance. The green and pink Unakite stone is said to bring harmony where it is needed, by dissipating tension or blocked energy. Crystal connoisseurs therefore usually apply Unakite properties to support:

  • mood and mood
  • healthy thought patterns
  • illness and recovery
  • pregnancy

Also, many people use Unakite to spiritually cleanse their home or environment. According to them, the colored granite would neutralize or discharge electromagnetic radiation, just like the popular crystal types Shungite and Black Tourmaline.

Unakite Meaning according to Chakra Connoisseurs

Yogis and other chakra experts see the two shades of the Heart Chakra in the green-pink Unakite. For them, the rock refers to loving thoughts, both for yourself and others. Unakiet would also inspire compassion in difficult situations or in the midst of major changes. Only with a calm heart can the challenges be overcome!

Unakite Stone Meaning for Zodiac Signs

According to astrologers, Unakite stone has significance for the Constellation Scorpio, Constellation Capricorn and Constellation Taurus. These signs, according to experts, have a talent for perseverance and would benefit from a hearty crystal that helps to change course every now and then. In that case, Unakite would encourage the Scorpio to process stuck emotions, the Capricorn to also laze around and the Taurus to welcome change in his life.

Unakiet Gifts Shopping at Spiru

Unakite is an easy stone to work with and is therefore ideal for special jewelry and ornaments. Whether you are looking for an authentic Unakite Bracelet, a spiritual Skull Pendant, Guardian Angel Pendant or Donut Pendant, you can shop these and other brilliant beauties at Spiru!