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Onyx is a microcrystalline quartz. More specifically, it is a Chalcedony variant with alternating white and black bands or layers. Onyx crystals are usually opaque and have a matte to satin sheen. In some cases, the stone also has thin, brown edges.

Onyx Color

The most popular variety is all black Onyx, meaning that you probably see it the most often, however, it is actually quite rare. Onyx is usually striped black and white, but there is even green. Green Onyx is processed Chalcedony.

Onyx Meaning

The stone probably owes this name to the white layers that resemble the white moons and white edges of fingernails. Onyx is translated from the Greek ‘fingernail’. Another explanation for the name could be due to the ancient beliefs regarding the onyx stone, meaning its reputation among the ancient Greeks as a stone with positive effect on hair, skin and nails could also be the origin of the name.

Black Onyx Stone Uses

Onyx has always been popular as a healing stone and was widely used in amulets and jewelry. Today, Onyx is often worn by men in rings and cufflinks. The stone is also used for mourning jewelry and rosaries, meaning black Onyx is seen as a powerful stone for processing negative emotions

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Sometimes gems are incorrectly sold as Onyx. These imposters include black quartz, Flint, black-stained agate or rough-polished Obsidian with a deep, matte color. Sometimes Marble Onyx is also called Onyx. This is a brightly colored stone that is often used for objects such as candlesticks and ashtrays.

The History of the Gemstone Onyx

In the past, Onyx was used for a broader range of stones, including black and white Agates and Jaspers. From the eighteenth century the name Onyx was only used to mean Black Chalcedony. In the Middle Ages, the stone was known as the stone of Mary. In times of need, such as during the plague epidemics, onyx gemstones were used as a powerful amulet. In various peoples, but especially with the Native Americans, Onyx gemstone was used as an amulet against black magic and nasty diseases. They would then wear it in the pocket or as jewelry. Sometimes the stone was pulverized for internal use. They also used to believe that Onyx could make magicians invisible.

Onyx in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome

Black Onyx was one of the most important protective and healing stones in ancient Egypt as well as among the classical Greeks and Romans. The stone was mainly used for complaints related to nails, skin and hair. In ancient Egypt, the black Onyx was associated with Ra, the sun god. According to the Bible, the stone was found in the land of Havilah, which means “vast sand.” This was most likely Egypt or central Arabia. Jars, bowls, scarabs, and other Onyx utensils have been found in Egypt. The ancient Romans mainly used the stone to make cameos and intaglios. Signet rings were also liked to be made from Onyx. This was because the wax they used to seal letters didn’t stick to the stone.

History of Onyx in China, India and Pakistan

In ancient China, Onyx was also known as the “Stone of Sorrow”. The Chinese believed that if you were in a place where the stone was found, you would have bad dreams and nightmares. They also believed that Onyx promoted bad moods and quarrels. In the long run, black Onyx was also seen in Europe as ‘the stone of misfortune’. It was believed that it could make you anxious and depressed. The stone was therefore known as the “Stone of the Egoists” or “Stone of Sorrow.” In India and Pakistan, Onyx was used for better concentration. Silver jewelry was also worn with Onyx to protect against the evil eye.

Onyx Spiritual Effect

Onyx would be a good stone for spiritual growth. He could help you heal and grow. The black stone is associated with the Base or Root Chakra. According to some, it also works on the Solar Plexus and the Crown Chakra. Onyx is said to dissolve energy blockages on different levels and restore the balance between yin and yang. Furthermore, Onyx would also:

  • Help to make dreams come true and achieve the desired result.
  • According to experts, it will help you walk the right path and find and fulfill your goal here on Earth.
  • Converting negativity to positivity. Bad karma would be resolved by wearing a piece of jewelry with black onyx.
  • Help to process and heal mental and physical traumas from this life and from past lives. By carrying Onyx with you, you would suffer less from traumas that you carry with you from past lives.

How Onyx Works on a Mental Level

Onyx could help you achieve your goals. This has to do with the fact that, according to experts, the stone gives perseverance and self-discipline. The stone would also stimulate and increase your analytical and pragmatic thinking ability. This would allow you to concentrate and focus better. Furthermore, Onyx would:

  • Give control over your thinking and acting.
  • Can help with grief. It would help you to retrieve the good memories and look back with a positive look.
  • Negative influences and feelings such as depression, melancholy and anger can be reduced.

Onyx Stone on the Emotional Level

Also emotionally speaking, Onyx could help with:

  • Guarding your boundaries. In difficult situations, it would be better to stand up for yourself instead of pleasing someone else.
  • Shielding yourself from the opinions of others, especially if you are sensitive to them. If you are impressionable, this would be a good stone to carry with you.
  • A good night’s rest. Onyx could reduce negative thoughts, worries and fears.
  • Peace and clarity in the head.
  • Increasing the sense of responsibility and self-awareness.

Meaning Black Onyx at Physical Level

As mentioned, Onyx could have a healing effect on nails, skin, mucous membranes, and hair. According to enthusiasts, the stone strengthens the natural function of the skin and is said to protect the skin. Small wounds would heal faster with Onyx. Also, Onyx may:

  • improve resistance
  • improve bladder and kidney function
  • help against bloating by strengthening the stomach lining
  • help prevent and heal athlete’s foot, fungal nails and scar tissue
  • improve the senses, and especially hearing

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