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Buy Angel incense
Angels of incense are fragrances made to connect with the archangels. This incense is therefore a special product. Many people light the sticks when they need support. The pure, soft fragrances always give good energy. In addition, incense is seen as a means of making contact with hidden worlds and wisdom.

For centuries and all over the world, scent has been used to explore the subconscious. The aura and psychological energy would also react strongly to it. Even in churches and temples incense is used for a holy atmosphere. Not surprising that these angels incense so popular!
Hartz angels
Angels are divine beings who bring messages from above. The word archangel means ‘supreme messenger’. Many people experience a special contact with these heavenly messengers. Angels are also seen as loving guardians. They watch over people and guide the deceased to heaven. Many people therefore draw strength from their presence.

There are seven Christian archangels, each with their own qualities: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, Chamuel, Haniel and Metatron. The following themes belong to these angels:

Michael: anxiety and healing
Gabriel: creativity, communication and leadership
Raphael: the spiritual quest
Uriel: clarification, prediction and intuition
Chamuel: inner peace and love
Haniel: paranormal abilities and self-confidence
Metatron: protection of new age (indigo) children

The fragrances from the angelic line are natural. This gives them a subtle and pure aroma. Angels of incense are therefore well suited for use in meditation, prayer and energy work. At home, too, this incense comes into its own. Wherever you can use serenity and insight, these sticks are recommended.
Borders and storage
You can fire incense sticks on a wierookplankje or a wierookholder. Place the stick with the wooden bottom in the holder. Light the stick at the top of the fragrance material. Blow out the flame so that the stick continues to smoke.

The easiest way to store incense sticks is to store them in a specially designed storage box. You can often burn sticks and incense cones in them. Ideal!
Geur & aroma at Spiru
Spiru has a wide choice of inspiring incense. How about the unique HEM fragrances or the traditional Palo Santo? You can easily order the most exotic incenses online here. Besides incense we also have other angel products in the collection. Take a look at our images and affirmation candles. Spiru has everything for a magical atmosphere!


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