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Petrified Wood

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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is fossilized wood that is millions of years old. The structure of the wood has been converted into minerals through years of crystallization, creating a real petrified wood gemstone. Usually these ancient tree pieces have been transformed into colorful Jasper, Chalcedony and variations of Opal. You can therefore buy pieces of silicified wood like these stones, but whole forests have also remained intact. You can visit such a petrified forest in America, Belgium, Germany, Austria and the Greek Lesvos.

How Does Petrified Wood Form?

Petrified Wood stones are found under different types of sediment. Because a thick layer of material has sealed off the wood from oxygen, the rotting process is prevented. The tree instead comes into contact with the minerals in the groundwater and the soil around it. These minerals, together with the tree cells, form crystals that become as hard as pure quartz!

The Colors of Fossil Wood

Other raw materials also influence the buried plant and its transformation into petrified wood, meaning many different colors can result. The presence of minerals such as iron, silica, copper, cobalt and manganese in the earth cause the most variation of color. For example, cobalt adds a blue tint, while iron gives the tree a red color and manganese gives it orange or pink. Gray and white are the effects of silica, black from carbon and teal usually from copper or chromium. Fossilized wood is therefore nothing less than natural magic!

How Old is Petrified Wood?

The location and depth where a wood fossil is found helps to determine its age. Connoisseurs deduce this from the amount of layers of sediment, stone, organic material ect., that buries it. Wood from Indonesia is usually dated to the Miocene, 20 million years ago, while the fossilized wood from Arizona in America can be as old as 225 million years. So these trees lived around the time of the first dinosaurs!

Tree Species That Have Been Preserved

Petrified Wood from Indonesia is usually from the Dipterocarpus, a deciduous tree that still grows in rainforests today. Petrified palm trees are also regularly found on this Asian peninsula. Fossil plants from Madagascar or America are usually the Araucaria, also known as snake pine or monkey tree. Species of this ancient tree still grow in a handful of specific places and are therefore considered ‘living fossils’!

How Petrified Wood Works According to Crystal Connoisseurs

According to crystal therapists and other energy workers, petrified wood has a healing effect on:

  • Homesickness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Over-stimulation or Reacting Highly Sensitive
  • Bone and Skeletal Strength
  • Karma from past lives

Gemstone therapists see petrified wood as a spiritual instrument with which you can treat all kinds of unrest and instability. According to them, the stone dissipates excess energy or restlessness. You can interpret that in different ways. Fossilized wood, for example, is said to help process stimuli and unpleasant memories. According to people who work with reincarnation, the petrified plant also offers relief from problems with Karma from a previous existence.

Petrified Wood and the Chakras

According to chakra therapy, petrified wood is a true First Chakra Gemstone. According to this teaching, the element of wood is connected to the energy point at the level of your tailbone, the Root Chakra. According to yogis, this center provides feelings of security and relaxation. Many people use the fossil to evoke calm in themselves or to work with earth energy.

How to Cleanse Petrified Wood

Have you found a nice piece of petrified wood? Then you can choose to energetically cleanse this special gem. According to experts, fossil wood has a special bond with the earth so many people put the stone underground for 24 hours to cleanse its energy. That way it can also gain strength and recharge at the same time. If you have a Petrified Wood Pendant, take the silver or metal around it into account. Read more about Gemstone Cleansing Here or about How to Recharge Your Gems Energy!

Buy Petrified Wood Online from Spiru

Spiru has different types of Petrified Wood for sale in small and large quantities. Fossils from Indonesia or Petrified Wood from Madagascar are of course available. How about a disc in which the growth rings are still visible or a piece with clear blue opal in it? In our assortment you will also not only find unique specimens, but also jewelry, individual tumbled stones or treatment bars suitable for your personal energy work. This way, not only fossil fans can indulge themselves, but also healers looking for quality gemstones tools! You can discover authentic Fossils at Spiru!