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Orthoceras Meaning

The orthoceras was a species of squid that lived more than 400 million years ago. They were the predecessor of our current squid.

The name means ‘straight horn’ and refers to the long, straight shell of the animals. The soft part of the animal was inside the shell, with protruding tentacles that allowed it to move. When the animal died, the shell sank to the bottom where it was covered by sediment. As a result, the shell fossilized and it has been preserved for us even after 400 million years.

The animal could also spray ink in defense and it was found all over the world. The most beautiful specimens of this fossilized ancient creature today are found in the Atlas Mountains.

Orthoceras Fossil Effects

The orthoceras stone represents living in the here and now and being true to yourself. The stone may protect you from negativity and free you from karmic attachments. It is said that deep within the orthoceras fossil, it harbors the power and energy of the Earth and the Heart. As a result, this fossil would be able to open and free energy channels again to allow new energy to flow through. The orthoceras stone could also help you reorganize your energy field and thus restore harmony between body, mind and soul.

Some people believe that it also has a positive effect on the physical body. For example bone health is sometimes said to improve with this fossil. Others say that it helps with headaches and stomachaches.

Carry This Fossil with You

By carrying this fossil with you, for example as a Gemstone Pendant, you could stay physically balanced and healthy, because it may help you learn to listen better to yourself and your body. A Piece of Fossilized Orthocera  would be a great stone to use in Reiki and Gemstone therapy as it could put you in touch with healing light energy.

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