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The gemstone Sodalite is related to the Lapis Lazuli. It is ink blue with white calcite veins. The most popular variant is dark blue sodalite crystals, without the white of calcite. In some cases, the gemstone turns red, pink or green. This is because the composition of the rock can vary. Sodalite can be found on a large scale. That is why it is widely used for decoration, wall coverings and decorative objects. It is also very popular as jewelry, bracelets, pendants, rings, and necklaces. You can go in many directions with this stone!

Sodalite Meaning

The Sodalite stone meaning is sodium stone. The stone is named after its chemical properties. Sodium means “salt” and the Greek word lithos means “stone.” meaning sodalite is literally translated to “salt stone,” just don’t confuse it with true crystalized salt stones like Himalayan Salt stone.

Sodalite Properties

Sodalite gemstones and Lapis Lazuli contain the same minerals. In addition to hauyn, lazulite and noseaan, Lapis Lazuli also contains gold-gloss inclusions of Pyrite. Furthermore, the Sodalite is opaque and slightly less hard and heavy than its brother Lapis Lazuli. Despite the fact that the gemstone generally carries the blue color, it also occurs in the colors red, purple or pink. These versions of Sodalite are called Hackamite. The varying color would be due to trapped manganese.

Sodalite Stone History

In Ancient Egypt, the stone was common in scarabs, ritual objects, and ground into pigment. It was then used for eye makeup and paint. The ancient Greeks thought that the stone could help with diseases and ailments. They also wore sodalite to promote creativity, especially in music, but painters and sculptors also carried the stone with them. Ancient Romans mainly used it for concentration and logical thinking. Both used Sodalite as sapphire until the Middle Ages. It was not until the early 19th century that Sodalite was first recognized as a separate mineral by a Scottish mineralogist.

Sodalite Effect Spiritual

The Sodalite is strongly connected to the throat chakra and the third eye because of its blue/indigo color. Because of the possible effect on the sixth chakra, enthusiasts like to use the stone to reach a deeper state of meditation. Furthermore, it could remove blockages, on both a spiritual and physical level. It would mainly do its work on the bottom two layers of the aura. Sodalite also strengthens other gemstones, according to experts.

Sodalite Gemstone Effect Mentally

Sodalite, according to experts, helps to connect opposite energies: the male and female side and intuition and logic. It could help solve problems created by duality. It would work on several levels. For example, it could increase your loyalty, but also help with structured and rational thinking. In any case, it will uncover the truth, and help you accept it and speak it.

Sodalite Meaning and Effect Emotionally

Sodalite is said to make blocked feelings disappear and can reduce irritability, stress, anxiety, and fears. Negative feelings like shame and guilt could be removed. It would also help free you from restless and grinding worrying thoughts. Self-confidence and acceptance would grow by wearing Sodalite. According to enthusiasts, it gives you insight into yourself. It would help you bring out your shadow sides and learn to accept them without judgment.

 Sodalite Physical Effects

Physically, Sodalite would work in multiple ways, due to the different compositions. For example, the aluminum in the stone could help with nerves, stress, and tension headaches. It could also help relax the neck and shoulders. Furthermore, Sodalite may:

  • Work on the larynx and vocal cords. It could help with ailments related to the head, voice and endocrine system. Think of loss of voice, hoarseness and sore throat.
  • Thanks to calcite inclusions, have a positive effect on the bones and help to recover tendons after, for example, sports injuries.
  • Help relax, especially with sleeping problems. The stone could help you fall asleep faster.
  • Be a positive stone in the menopause, especially if you suffer from complaints such as mood swings, headaches and hot flashes.
  • Have a disinfecting effect due to the sodium component.

Gemstone Sodalite and the Zodiac Signs

Gemstones are wonderful helpers that could aid you in many areas. Did you know that gemstones and zodiac signs can be a good match? As each gemstone would have its own effect, each zodiac sign has its own needs, qualities and challenges. For example, the Sodalite would be strongly associated with Virgo Constellation and Sagittarius Constellation. This is probably because it would aid in self-acceptance and rational thinking. Furthermore, Sagittarius is very focused on the truth, something that according to experts, Sodalite can help so well. If you have a different zodiac sign, don’t worry. This of course does not mean that the stone cannot do its job.

Buy Sodalite Jewelry

A beautiful way to carry this bright blue stone with you is through jewelry. At Spiru you can choose from:

  • Sodalite Pendant
  • Sodalite Bracelet

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