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Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite stone comes from the Greek word kyanos, which means blue. The stone has a layered structure and, and there are many colors of kyanite, blue, gray, black, white, or orange. There is even green kyanite. The layers in and on the stone are often clearly visible, and the stone would stand out because of its shine. Kyanite gemstone is also called disthene.

Kyanite crystal often forms as part of other rocks. It could even be found here in the Netherlands in sand deposits in large rivers! Although the mineral is not entirely uncommon, there is actually very little that reaches the quality of gemstone kyanite. This is mainly found in India, Korea and Myanmar.

Kyanite Energy

Blue Kyanite is a spiritual stone and may have a calming and balancing effect. It could help you to take control of your own life. The stone could bring you inner peace and help to break through blockages. Wearing a Kyanite Pendant or Kyanite Bracelet could help you to let go of certain fears and frustrations. Besides the fact that a 925 sterling silver Kyanite ring would complete the picture, the gemstone Kyanite could help you to think rationally and logically. Choose a Kyanite Necklace to feel the stone and its effect close to your heart and on your skin.

Kyanite Spiritual Effect

This beautiful gemstone could help you to be honest and sincere. On a spiritual level, it could increase your psychic abilities and intuition. You could also make contact with guides or Guardian Angels by wearing or keeping the stone with you. The crystal could work grounding and cleanse Your Chakras. You could also buy Kyanite to use in meditation.

More Kyanite Gemstone Properties

In addition, the stone could work for:

  • strengthening your communication skills;
  • helping inhibit inflammation;
  • calming and relaxing a busy mind;
  • opening your throat chakra.

Kyanite could also give you peace of mind. If you put the stone under your pillow before going to sleep, you could sleep more peacefully and even remember your dreams!

Buy Blue Kyanite from Spiru

In addition to Kyanite jewelry, we also have many other types of Spiritual Jewelry. For example, take a look at our extensive and unique range of Cut Pendants or Gemstone Bracelets. Not sure yet if this stone is right for you? Then read our blog ‘Which Gemstone do I Need?‘ to choose the right crystal.

You could also certainly succeed for a suitable and personal present, by giving a precious stone as a gift. There is something for everyone.