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Incense Brands

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Buying Incense Brands Online

Incense brands can be distinguished based on their scent and aroma. The added spices, herbs, flowers and oils make every brand unique. Moreover, all incense is rolled by hand.


This is a special type of Masala incense from Bangalore by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. Generally, Satya incense has a sweet and spicy undertone.


A special kind of incense from Mumbai and Bangalore. HEM is especially known for its lovely flower and herb aromas.


The brand Darshan sells multiple aromas, of which the darshan variant is most popular; it is a mix of vanilla, sandalwood and jasmine.


Panchavati, Champa and Oodh are a few of the well-known scents from Bharat Industrial Corporation (Bangalore). These scents are soft and spicy with a whiff of musk.


The incense from this brand from Mysore is produced by N. Ranga Rao & Sons. The brand Flute has an extraordinary collection of scents. These scents are generally light, sweet and soft.


G.R. (Bangalore) has an unequaled collection of exclusive scents for every occasion. This type of incense is produced based on exotic aromas. 


This classic incense from Goloka Seva Trust (Bangalore) has earthly undertones, but also contains flowery scents and traditional Indian herbs.

Green Tree

The incense from Green Tree consists of natural ingredients, such as exotic oils, flowers and Indian spices.

Morning Star

The Morning Star incense by Nippon Kodo is an authentic Japanese incense. This brand is available in 16 natural flower and plant scents.

Incense and Incense Burners at Spiru

We have a large collection of lovely incense by well-known brands. Let yourself be seduced by the exotic scents from your favourite brand and then align it with your personal taste. Choose one aroma or several. It is also an option to combine multiple kinds of loose incense or incense resin; that way you could emerge as a real incense connoisseur. Do you already have incense, but not yet a fitting burner? Take a look at our incense holders and burners. Your incense journey starts at Spiru!