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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Gemstone Wind Chimes

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Please note:
In strong winds, the discs must be tied together.
Hang the mobile phone as much as possible from direct wind.
Natural stone is fragile.

Gemstone windmobiles are a beautiful but also functional addition to your interior. In the Feng Shui these wind gongs are used to promote positive energy. You can call them Qi or Chi. According to the Feng Shui principles, a house benefits from a good energetic flow. Natural elements such as light, wind and water help. Gems also have a good vibration. A gemstone windmobile thus combines two important types: natural stone and wind.
The gemstone windmobile can of course be hung outside. With a soft breeze, the discs produce a pleasant plucking sound. Make sure that the gems hang as much as possible from direct wind: natural stones can break.

Indoors, the wind mobile is also an effective mood enhancer. Then hang the wind chime in a place where the energy is out of balance. According to Feng Shui these are, for example, sharp corners or in a stairwell. The movement and liveliness of the gemstone windmobile can improve the flow. And it also brightens up!
Operation of Agate
The gemstone wind organs of Spiru are made of agate. This semi-precious stone is also called ‘layer stone’. It has always offered stability and security. Agate can also have a positive influence on the genitals. The different rings inside the stone symbolize, according to many, femininity. Agate therefore evokes associations with the uterus. That is why she is often used as a protector during pregnancy and childbirth. This windmobile is a beautiful maternity gift and suitable for every baby room. Mother and child therefore benefit from the safe appearance of agate.
Providing windmobile sandstone
Like all crystals, gemstone windmobiles are cleaned and recharged regularly. You can read more about that in our Basic tips for taking care of gems.