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Buying stone trees
Gemstone trees are a fixed part of a Feng-Shui interior. They are also called life trees, lucky trees and Feng Shui trees. This special bonsai brings harmony to your home. Through their specific power they help the flow of life energy. Qi you name it in the Feng Shui. So gemstone trees are not only beautiful and decorative. They help restore balance to your environment!

The Feng-Shui trees of Spiru are decorated with small gems and charms with symbols. That gives them a double power. The natural power of the stones is reinforced by the symbols and vice versa. The little tree of life for Healing, for example, carries amethyst and Goddess pendants. If that doesn’t make you vital!

For every wish for life there is a little tree to find the balance. So precious stone trees are not only valuable in your own home. Give a Forspood tree as a gift for a birth, move or other special occasion. Or just a calming tree for guidance or protection. Feng Shui assumes that positive energy always helps! We are in complete agreement.

Gemstone trees have branches of iron wire, so you can bend them into any shape you want. That too is Feng Shui: everything revolves around proportions! Bend the tree to your own liking. And make sure your gemstone tree gets a nice spot. In your home, office or practice. In short: wherever you can use good Qi!

In addition to life trees, Spiru has many other products for a Feng Shui interior. How about brilliant rainbow crystals, hangers or Bagua mirrors? Or take a look at our Home & Living collection. There you will find many more products for an attractive and serene home. Balance starts with Spiru!


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