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Herkimer Diamond

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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is a quartz with a special hardness and clarity that is found in the United States, Mexico, Spain and Tanzania. The stone is very precious because it is so transparent. There are legends that say Herkimer Diamonds are made up of crystallized light. Less expensive variants therefore contain inclusions or slight discolorations. These would still be quite powerful!

What is a Herkimer Diamond?

Although the name suggests otherwise, Herkimer is not a diamond. Diamond has a hardness of 10, while 7 is the hardness of a Herkimer Diamond, meaning that while not as hard as true Diamonds, they are still very hard! Yet, according to energy workers, this exceptionally pure quartz approaches the vibrational frequency of real Diamond. Herkimer Diamond properties are so similar to diamonds that it has become a popular replacement for gemstone therapy!

Herkimer Diamond Effect in Gemstone Therapy

Like the similar Rock Crystal, Herkimer is one of the most beloved spiritual instruments for energy work, Shamanic work, and healings. According to crystal experts, it enhances the effect of other stones in gemstone placements, arrangements and meditations with a therapeutic purpose. He could also give rooms and people an energetic cleanse in no time. Very versatile crystal!

Herkimer Diamond Properties According to Healers

According to shamans and healers, this radiant stone has a high vibration. Therefore, he would be extremely suitable for energy work and light work such as dream and trance travel or receiving visions. Users also see the stone as a gateway to past lives, other dimensions or guidance from spiritual guides such as Guardian Angels or Archangels.

Herkimer Affects These Chakras

According to yogis, Herkimer Diamond has an effect on the sixth and seventh energy centers, also called Third Eye and Crown chakras. According to the Chakra Theory, these energy points ensure the development of:

  • insight
  • intuition
  • clairvoyance
  • telepathy
  • sense of unity

These Zodiac Signs Are Shining Thanks To Herkimer

Diamond or Herkimer Diamond is the Birthstone of the month of April. According to astrologers, it is therefore best to buy Herkimer Diamonds for the Aries. This fiery sign has a natural tenacity and innate talent for making unexpected moves. The diamond fits well with this, because this stone owes its name to the Greek adamas, which means invincible or indomitable. An expensive Diamond ring, on the other hand, is a good fit for the ambitious Capricorn, who is said to develop his best under pressure. And isn’t that exactly how diamonds are formed?