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Wooden Jewelry Boxes

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Wooden jewelry boxes are storage boxes made of wood. They often contain a spiritual symbol. You can store your jewellery in these boxes, but also other objects. For example, your Tarot cards, gemstones or small charts. You can’t think of it as crazy or it fits in!

Materials & Types

We give a home to handmade jewelry boxes. The boxes are perfect for storing your valuables. This keeps the quality of your jewelry better. You can wear them again with pleasure! The jewelry boxes are made of the most natural material, namely wood. This material comes directly from the nature. Therefore, the jewelry boxes have a characteristic appearance. In addition, wood stays beautifulfor a long time. In our collection we have different types of boxes. In addition to simple, we also offer coloured and black variants. Most are decorated with spiritual symbols. Think here of the Tree of Life, the Ohm sign and more! Do you like simple and modest? Jewelry boxes without symbol are also available.

At Spiru you can buy beautiful, handmade jewelry boxes. Have you ever lost your favourite treasures? Or do you just need a little more storage space for your little stuff? Then you’ve come to the right place! With these beautiful storage boxes you will never lose anything. And so your favorite items keep their quality. Are you inspired? Take a look at the Sieraden Giftboxes, Sieraden Zakjes, Sieradenkistjes or Spirituele Sieradendoosjes.


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