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Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a pink-red mineral from the Tourmaline family. It is also known by the names Rubellite and Elbaite. Raw Pink Tourmaline stone is found in the Ural Mountains, Brazil, California and on the Italian island of Elba.

This Makes the Tourmaline Stone Pink

Stones from the Tourmaline family are elongated minerals. In unprocessed form you can recognize them by their layers or rods. The shades are determined by their chemical composition. For example, the black variant contains a lot of iron and Tourmaline pink in color results from the presence of manganese and lithium.

Pink Tourmaline Effect According to Crystal Connoisseurs

According to crystal experts, Pink Tourmaline has an effect on the functioning of

  • heart
  • lungs
  • skin
  • hormones

Gemstone therapists usually recommend the stone to soothe physically, mentally, or emotionally. For example, the gemstone Pink Tourmaline could lower feelings of stress, soothe sadness and balance mood swings.

Pink Tourmaline Meaning For These Zodiac Signs

Pink Tourmaline stone, according to astrologers, is the birthstone of October and therefore of the constellation Libra and the constellation Scorpio. The Libra would find inspiration in Pink Tourmaline to find balance in life by placing a good portion of self-love in the scale of their most important relationships. The Scorpio, according to astrologers, has a well-developed talent for emotional depth and the perseverance to bite into the most complicated feelings. Pink Tourmaline would encourage this sign to change course, and to know when it’s time to forgive. This helps them to move forward.

The Pink Tourmaline and the Chakras

According to yogis, the Pink Tourmaline quartz, much like its cousin Rose Quartz, is associated with the Heart Chakra, Second Chakra and Root Chakra. This pink beauty is said to have an effect on the emotional well-being of the user. Because according to experts, the crystal stimulates self-love or acceptance from the heart, the two lower energy points would also be positively influenced. The wishes and boundaries of the Sacral Chakra are often neglected in our daily lives, but our sense of security and grounding resides in the First Chakra. Because red is associated with this Chakra, this stone can promote our emotional security that grows from our Root Chakra.

Buy Pink Tourmaline at Spiru

At Spiru you will find different types of Pink Tourmaline crystals, from raw mineral to polished gems. You can also choose from a wide range of spiritual jewelry from this hearty stone, such as Pink Tourmaline Earrings, a Pink Tourmaline Bracelet, Pink Tourmaline Pendant or Pink Tourmaline Ring. Of course the other members of the Tourmalijn family are also represented in the collection. How about the funky Watermelon Tourmaline or the mysterious Black Tourmaline? Whichever crystal you choose, you can shop for gems at Spiru!