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Body Candles Chakra

Body Candles Chakra

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Body Candles Chakra

0 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings
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General information about the chakratherapie The oldest ambition of mankind is to understand and systematize the phenomena of the universe, as well as the relationship between life and death. This is how ancient philosophies and religions were born. One of the most well-known theories of Eastern philosophies and medicine is the theory of vital energy and chakras. This theory has many version and interpretations, it is not our intention to decide which doctrine is the best of all, but in order to understand the operation of the candle, it is necessary to know the general information of the chakra points and the energy flows. Chakra points are special points of the human energy system where the body can obtain energy, pass through and where the flow of energy can be positively influenced and harmonised. The seven most important chakras have specific colors, react to specific smells, minerals, food, drugs, plants, effects and tasks. The harmonisation of the energy flow can be brought into order by qualified therapists using crystals, essential oils, colours, music or rites. How does the chakra candle work? The Naturhelix chakra candles are hollow and conical, made of cotton linen and soaked in a composition of wax. The candles are handmade and impregnated with essential oils. According to therapists, the bio-energy effect of the candles is enhanced by the fact that the candles are handmade and by the design of the candle. By correctly placing the candle on one of the chakras, the candle channels beneficial smoke, sucks in light and gives heat to the relevant nerve endings. At the same time, its bio-energy effect helps restore the body’s distorted energetic balance. The chakra candles are colored and aromatized according to the right chakra and its color, so that the effect of the treatment is enhanced. Behandeling We place the chakra candles on the right chakra point at the front or at the back of the body. The chakra candles can only be used for one treatment on a regular basis (every day, every two days, or every week). We recommend only one to three chakras in one treatment. If you would like to treat more chakras, we advise you to start with the bouncy chakra and treat it further towards the crown chakra. Color odor of the chakrakaarsen * Violet – Lavendel * Indigo – Muskaatsalie * Blue – Eucalyptus * Green – Spar * Yellow – Kamille * Orange – Sinaasappel * Red – Geranium Do not use the chakra candle: * If the customer can’t sit still or can’t tolerate the treatment due to sneezing, coughing or any other reason.* in children under 3 jaar * in case of allergy to one of the bestanddelen * in case of redness or irritation of the huid * at wonden * in case of pus or etter excretion DISCLAIMER: Working with ear candles is an additional treatment method and should never be seen as a substitute for professional medical assistance. If in doubt, consult a doctor, therapist or pharmacist.

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