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Aromafume Aura Cleansing Incense Set

Aromafume Aura Cleansing Incense Set

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Aromafume Aura Cleansing Incense Set

0 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings
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Aromafume Aura Cleansing Incense Set kopen

Aromafume Aura Cleansing incense set contains 3 beautiful aromas: White Sage, Dragon’s Blood and Palo Santo. Aimed at uplifting, rejuvenating and revitalising our spirit. Burn the Aromafume Aura Cleansing Incense Blocks with the accompanying Aromafume Incense Diffuser to ward off negative energy and soothe and cleanse the body, mind and soul. Suitable for every season, a true incense classic.

Packing: Cardboard box with product information in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
Produced in: India

Contents of the set

  • 1 Aromafume Incense Diffuser Flower of Life
  • 4 Aromafume incense cubes Palo Santo (packed per piece)
  • 4 Aromafume White Sage incense cubes (individually packed)
  • 4 Aromafume incense cubes Dragon’s Blood (packed per piece)
  • Burning time per cube: ± 3.5 hours.

Aromafume white sage incense cubes
White sage is an evergreen perennial plant with amazing properties; it is believed that white sage releases negative ions into the air when burned, that it can cleanse the air and disinfect naturally. Aromafume white sage incense cubes are a benefit for body, air and environment. Supplemented with clary sage and passion fruit, the gurjun balsam middle note adds depth to these beautiful white sage inspired incense cubes

Aromafume Dragon’s Blood incense cubes
Aromafume dragon’s blood incense cubes evoke sensual feelings with fruity accords of green apple and pineapple. Blended with blackcurrant, raspberry and peach with a fresh jasmine essence. The musky base of cedarwood and patchouli add to the mystery and romance of this captivating aroma.

Aromafume Palo Santo incense cubes
Aromafume palo santo incense cubes are reminiscent of the mystical “Sacred Wood”. It is a fresh blend of orange blossom and citrus bergamot. The romantic warm middle tones of rose and vetiver are perfect in combination with an opulent base of honey, amber and sandalwood.

How to use the Exotic Incense Diffuser and Aromafume incense cubes?
The exotic incense diffuser is specifically designed to achieve the right temperature for diffusing the Aromafume incense cubes. Note: Other diffusers and/or incense burners are not suitable!

– Light a tea light. Place it in the exotic incense diffuser.
– Place the cube of incense on the copper plate.
– The cube will burn for 45-60 minutes. The diffuser gets hot, don’t touch it!
– Blow out the tea light and let the diffuser and the cube cool down.
– The cube of incense will turn black and hard after use, it will not melt.
– The cube can be disposed of in the biodegradable waste.

Each cube of incense contains a wealth of natural ingredients, such as aromatic woods, exotic flowers, natural extracts from bark and trees, resins, leaves and flowers. The fragrance oils used in the production of incense cubes are fully compliant with IFRA requirements and their origins are always accounted for (www.ifraorg.org).
Asfree | minimal smoke | non-toxic | wonderful aroma.

The history of Aromafume
Aromafume incense cubes are manufactured by an Indian family company. For five generations, this family has been making incense and perfumery products according to a secret family recipe. They combine the age-old art of manufacturing natural incense with fragrances that are appropriate to our times. India is the cradle of many spices and incense resins (olibanum) and has traditionally been associated with incense making. In addition, the country has a rich Ayurvedic tradition where much knowledge is available about the healing effects of herbs, flowers and plants. The interrelationship between the spice trade and Ayurvedic principles resulted in an exchange of knowledge and the development of many beautiful types of incense.


Disclaimer: our products are not to be used as replacement of medical or other professional help, care or support. In case you experience any health issues, always consult a certified doctor.

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