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Shoti Maa Tea

The makers of this tea are experienced yogis, tea drinkers, and Ayurveda enthusiasts. Their goal is therefore to make traditional yoga and Ayurveda accessible to everyone and, of course, to make a tasty drink for the avid and less avid tea drinkers. Literally translated, ‘Shoti Maa’ means ‘little mother’. Within the yoga tradition, the chakras are the main energy points in your body. That is why you can buy different flavors of Shoti Maa Tea that are based on these seven energy centers.

Organic Tea

The mental stress of modern life could have a negative impact on us. Therefore, the brand focuses on the traditional Ayurvedic teachings, and makes their product from organic and both traditional and what less traditional ingredients, herbs, and spices. Each type of tea is specially designed to stimulate your senses and give you a meditative feeling. The tea is soothing and harmonizing as it supports you in relaxation and mediation. In daily life, Shot Maa would balance ‘body, mind and spirit’ and support a harmonious life.

Based on the Five Elements

The brand has also released five unique variants based on the five elements and the three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha from Ayvedic teachings. According to this teaching, everything in the universe is composed of the five elements ether (space), fire, air, water, and earth. To function properly, a good ratio between the five elements is imperative. An imbalance between the elements can be caused by bad conditions, living habits, weather changes, and from natural influences. Nutrition is at the top of the list in Ayurvedic teachings to restore balance. The five tea flavors Ether (Joyful Silence), Air (Life on Wings), Fire (Purity Flame), Water (Emotional Detox) and Earth (Touch the Ground) help create a harmonious life.

Shoti Maa Magic Box

This Shoti Maa Tea Magic Box is a gift box with all twelve organic Shoti Maa Tea flavors. Five of the flavors are said to be based on the elements ether, air, fire, earth ,and water. The other seven would balance the chakras. Each tea flavor from the gift box is formulated to stimulate the senses and bring harmony to our energy centers.

Shoti Maa Emotional Detox

Shoti Maa Emotional Detox is 100% Organic tea based on organic herbs, flowers, and spices of which sweet hibiscus and mint are the main ingredients. Specifically, this flavor focuses on the element of Water and balancing it. This element would be connected to your emotional flow. A good time to drink the tea would therefore be a time when you are out of control of your emotions or have lost yourself emotionally.

Shoti Maa Chakra Tea

Shoti Maa’s tea flavors are inspired by the seven chakras:

  • First Chakra – I Am
  • Second Chakra – In the Mood
  • Third Chakra – Sanctify
  • Fourth Chakra – Loving
  • Fifth Chakra – Talk to Me
  • Sixth and Seventh Chakras – Delighted
  • All Chakras – Harmony

Shoti Maa Talk To Me

Shoti Maa Talk To Me is made from 100% Organic herbs and spices. Mint, licorice, and lavender form the basis of this. Talk to me is inspired by the fifth chakra, also known as the throat chakra. This has to do with all forms of communication.

Shoti Maa Classic Chai

The Shoti Maa Chai Tea is 100% Organic classic chai, made from traditional tea ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. This could help harmonize your entire energy system. This flavor is also known as Shoti Maa Harmony, targeting the aura and all seven chakras. According to some, this tea has a special taste, but above all it is a tea to enjoy pure.

More Organic Tea at Spiru

In addition to the Shoti Maa flavors, we also have Tea for One and Or Tea in our range. The latter combines Chinese modern art with the age-old tea tradition. They want to introduce this old, hip drink in a fun way to the new generation of tea drinkers. Relaxation starts with Spiru.


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