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Hanging Incense Burners

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Hanging incense burners are also known as church incense burners or incense barrels. They are hung, placed or carried around during services and ceremonies. In the latter case, they are slowly swung back and forth, releasing the intoxicating effects of the incense. You can also use these burners to perform energy cleaning or purification rituals.

Of course you can also use such a beautiful incense burner at home. It is not only a delicious fragrance diffuser, but also a wonderful accessory for your interior.
Usage of hanging incense burner
You can burn the following in a hanging incense burner:

resin or grain incense
Loose herbs

Resin and granules
This is the traditional incense for use in an incense barrel, traditionally used in large spaces such as Catholic churches and temples. Resin and grains have an intense, strong smell and emit a lot of smoke. With this incense you can effectively purify and clean rooms. Then gently swing your incense hanger back and forth as you walk through the entire room or house. Well-known church incenses include the mixes Gloria and Pontifical. You can burn resin and granules on a wood tablet. Put some sand at the bottom of your holder.

Loose herbs
For example white sage or saint wood, for the energy purification of spaces. Then use a wood coal with some sand on the bottom so that the holder does not get too hot.

You can easily burn incense cones in a hanging holder. Then just place the cone on the bottom. Be careful with waving too enthusiastically, because of the axis.

When you put the holder down, you can also burn sticks. Use some sand on the bottom, so that the stick stays.
Skinds and materials
Spiru has a beautiful assortment of classic incense burners. New and undamaged, but with the antique look you’re looking for. You will find traditional incense barrels for modern prices.

We have different types, materials and sizes in stock. There are round and conical (conical) burners. On feet or on a foot. You can choose from different metals in terms of material, such as nickel, brass, chrome and copper. In addition, of course, the well-known symbols are not lacking. Do you prefer a Christian cross, or are you looking for a beautiful Arabic or Byzantinelook?
eur and aroma at Spiru
At Spiru we would like to help you to tailor your environment to your preferences. Geur is the ideal mood maker! Are you already familiar with our etheric oil or fair trade scented candles? If you prefer not to light anything, take a look at our odour stones or aroma diffusers. Bet there’s something nice in between? Spiru sells inspiring fragrances for a magical atmosphere!